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10-25-2021, 05:39 PM
Hi All - New to me 03 GS Yellowstone CC DP 41' and previous owner passed away so trying to learn the details of basic operation with little or no manuals. Any thoughts on best way for to be schooled on proper procedures for tank maintenance, cleaning, draining, slide-outs, generator, level operations? All manuals I have found on-line are very general but don't cover startup procedures. I have a ton to learn.

10-31-2021, 01:00 PM
Any specific issue? Lot to cover without knowing what you’ve already discovered. As with all diesels, turn the key to on and wait for the “Waite to start” light to go out. For leveling, I almost always press and hold the auto level button. Once you hear the pump start, you can release. I usually dump the air before leveling. Once level, I run the slides out. Order doesn’t matter. I have to have the key on to level but not for the slides. I’d put the refer in auto mode and let it switch as necessary. As for holding tanks, keep closed until ready to dump. Black first, flush the slinky with the gray.
What else?

10-31-2021, 06:57 PM
I'm a Service Tech at a dealership. Our service department offers, to folks like you, to look over your unit for functionality, and to do a walk-through with you just as if you bought the unit from us (go over everything). Of course there are costs tied to this, but can be well worth it.

Second option, there are many dealerships that post video's on their web site with walk throughs recorded . . . There's chance you could find one similar to your unit (with some aggressive Googling). One of our competitors does this.

My 2-cents.

11-01-2021, 10:14 AM
Thanks Dennis 4809 - Still working through some minor repairs before going out on our first short test weekend. The information you provided is super helpful and gets me started. At some point soon we plan to take RV out for test weekend to understand heater, AC operation, propane & cooktop, sterilize fresh water, dump tanks & understanding TV operation. Along the way, I plan to develop setup & tear down checklists to help remind me of tasks. If you are OK with it, I may reach out to you again for some more tips. YouTube has helped with some things and I will keep looking & glad to have this resource available.

Also - Thanks to RY469. I have contacted local RV dealership and awaiting response this week on tutorial walk through and hopeful that could be helpful.


11-07-2021, 10:43 AM
Be glad to assist however I can. You are probably aware that you have an auto transfer switch that flips between shore and generator power. In my case, this box is located under the bed. You might want to disconnect from all power, pull the cover off the ATS and check that all connections are tight. The ATS should switch to generator if it’s running. At all times, it’s best to have reduced load when connecting to or switching power sources. Having high current items such as AC running can eventually lead to burned contacts in the ATS.