View Full Version : 1993 Tourmaster - Receiver/drier or accumulator

06-07-2007, 07:22 AM
I am new here - have been an active member or "Woodalls" forum for months.

Just wanted to join because we are proud owners of a 1993 Tourmaster - bought it in August 2004 and have spent many months and mucho $$$ restoring it (over $20,000).

Have a problem now though - the dash AC system never did work for us and I am just now getting around to working on it (my previous list was very long) - so I changed it over (with Wal-Mart kit) to R-134a and the first day on our recent trip it ran great and put out 59 degree air. I was very pleased to say the least.

Next day the unit would not work - so I pulled over on interstate and went back and lifted the bed thinking another can of freon would work. I found the magnetic clutch was shelled out. I put the bed back down and prayed that the clutch would continue to act as an idler for the next 1800 miles and it did.

Back home now so I thought about the system - then decided that since the unit sat unused for nearly 3 years before we bought it - and the AC compresor was probably as old as the build date of the coach (3/92) I should just replace the entire unit.

I wrenched the compressor out and ordered a new one from a local auto store - it's an A-6 unit (same as used on 90's Chevy pickups and etc). Then I begin looking for the Receiver/drier and was unable to locate it (want to replace it also). The line on high side runs directly over to the condenser - that's it.

Anyone know where the receiver/drier (or accumulator) might be on this model?

That's my question - if anyone knows feel free to PM me.

Thank you all

God Bless