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09-06-2005, 09:06 PM
Preparing to go to UP for a week and thought I'd check out lighting system
for toad. I have the add a lightbulb setup on Jeep. Hooked up and the only thing that worked was taillites, no blinkers. figured some corrosion had set in on plugs. Not so. It ended up being motorhome wiring in rear
of coach and it wasn't the ground. Both side brake lite wires were compromized in wire harness. While under rear of coach found another
trailer 4 wire flat blade plug. Cut it off and used wires to feed the female
6 wire plug at hitch. I now have an extra ground and taillite wire under
rearend. Gulfstream musta figured the original would take a dump after
two years so they put in two. They did something right!! Steve