View Full Version : Gel-Coat Problems

09-09-2005, 03:36 PM
I own a 2004 Crescendo and have gel-coat problems with it. Gel-coat is comming off on front and rear caps.
Does anyone else have this problem ?
I would appreciate any info.

11-29-2005, 07:28 PM
:( Yes, I had this problem on our 2003 Sun Voyager Trio. My problem was called a stress fracture on the rear end cap, which looked like a very large spider web. According to my body shop person this is caused by the coach twisting on the frame, a blunt force on the outside or inside of the fiber glass, or a manufacturing defect. My fix was to have it repaired and re-painted for just under $1,000. By the way, Gulf Stream does not consider this as a structural problem. But, it might be worth a phone call to see what they might do to help...