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07-04-2007, 12:21 PM
I'm new to this board so let me start by saying HI.

We have a 36' 2005 GS Sun Voyager. We have had our share of "NEW" problems that have been resolved without issue, however, we have a battle going on. In Feb. we were out when i noticed that my sink was cracked, when we got home we contacted La Mesa, San Bernardino about the problem. Of course our manufacturers warranty was up, but we had spent the almost $5000 Xtra on the Platinum Xtra Ride Extended Warranty, which we were told would cover inside and out, if it couldn't be fixed it would be replaced. So after going round and round we were told to bring it down for inspection by Xtra Ride, mind you we live in the mountains so this is no short drive. We took it down, left it there for 2 or 3 weeks finally was told we got authoriztion come down and pick out the counter. When we picked it up we chose the counter color and to go with stainless undermount sink, to avoid a repeat of this problem, and then they would call with the time to bring it back. When my husband finally got in touch with La Mesa to find out what was going on, we hadn't heard from anyone they informed us that Xtra Ride was not going to cover the backsplash, the sink covers and the stove top cover, a cost of approx. $600. They said these were accessories, it seems they are now picking and choosing what they want to cover, as far as I can see in every rig I have looked at these were a standard item, that matched the interior design of the coach. We have been trying to get GS to step, but as others have learned they or I should say Lori is not very responsive. I emailed Brian Shea this morning, we'll see what that does.???? Has anyone else had the same problem or have any comments.

07-04-2007, 03:25 PM
Curtis & Diana,

Welcome to our small GS Owner's group. You indicated in your email that there was a problem... & it is kind of a doozy, isn't it? There is, unfortunately, that common thread that when you need factory support, it seems to be either absent, or very difficult to obtain. It is usually required because of impossible dealer relations. ie: drive huge distances many many times, followed by "claims" of no factory support & the need for big sums of $'s to fix things that should never need fixing in the first place. And there you stand. Many of us have been there, seen that.

With persistance, there is likelyhood that you will get satisfaction, but it is going to take an effort on your part. Good move on the Brian Shea email, though don't hold your breath.

I will email you information about another route that sometimes is successful, but we have to wait to see if there is a response from or via the head of the company.

Our single-peice countertop did not crack, but was installed improperly. One end was up in the air, held only by adhesive to the wall. Our LongView, CT dealer said it would be too expensive to repair, that the factory would never cover it - so they never asked. They did, however, re-attach molding crooked so that the counter didn't "look" so crooked relative to the stove. (Hacks). Our sink covers delaminated. They couldn't replace them because that color was no longer available. So, they scraped off the delaminated portion (fake cutting board) & instructed us to leave that side down. The mismatched color & thickness stove cover couldn't be replaced for the same reason. The point is, the dealer will say anything to avoid contact with the factory... "Why?" I wonder. I believe they feel that the factory warantee shop rate for their labor is too low - maybe $65/hr. These dealers want upwards to $125/hr which they can only get from you.

The dealership made many claims that they couldn't get responses from the factory... True? Who knows?

There are likely others on the forum who will jump in with some solid suggestions. Good Luck

07-04-2007, 10:02 PM
I read this post twice and still can't see what Gulf Steam is supposed to do. The coach is out of warranty and I can't see that it is a manufacturing defect or I am sure it would have cracked long before two years.

Was something dropped in the sink maybe??

Seems the problem is solely with the extended warranty company. If La Mesa sold you the contact and they are the ones doing the repair, then THEY should step up and argue with the warranty company in your behalf after all you sure paid way too much for the warranty to began with.

That's my opinion for what it's worth.


Larry Moore
07-05-2007, 06:52 AM
I can understand where they are coming from. The warranty covers what broke. The back splash and covers are not broken, therefore do not need to be replaced. If you chose the same countertop color they would still match. If the counter is a polymer like Corion someone who makes counters can cut the sink bowl off and under mount a sink if the size is right.

07-05-2007, 07:34 AM
Curtis and Diana,

Welcome to the Gulf Stream Owners RV Forum!! :)

I should have welcomed you to the forum on my first response. Sorry about that.

Larry Moore has a good point on both accounts. I am surprised that the warranty company didn't offer to pay only for the sink replacement.
If the sink was installed onto the bottom of the corian or similar material the first time upon manufacture, them it can be replaced with the same sink and not replace the countertop. Of course it probably would have to be removed to do this.

I am sure that it would be available thru your dealer from Gulf Stream.

Gulf Stream ONLY sells parts thru one of their dealers, as most manufacturers do.

Also, If your sink is Corian as ours is in our coach, are you aware that it can be repaired? Corian can be repaired by a good Corian installer that has been trained in the welding of the plastic that the Corian is made of.

I know Gulf Stream also uses a countertop in some of their coach lines that is a laminated material similar to Corian and install a Corian sink that can be replaced but I have never checked the mounting of this sink.


07-05-2007, 09:41 AM

One of the reasons I jumped into an answer without fully reading Curtis & Diana's comment was that the year of their unit is the same as mine, and I immediately saw red over the memories of our own countertop problem.

The 2005 Sun Voyager apparently used the laminated countertop. They then used mismatched Corian (assumed) backsplash, sink cover & stove covers. The mismatch is gross re: color, thickness, etc. They then glued a laminent to one side of the of the sink covers to simulate butcher block.

One of these days, I'm going to end up with a cracked countertop, or at minimum, separation from the wall because of the defective factory installation (One end of counter raised 5/8 inch off base cabinets.) When it does eventually fail, I will have no recourse with the factory nor the dealer. I will see deeper red than I now see as I order my new, replacement custom countertop locally. I've done this as an upgrade in my house, but am not looking forward to doing this as a repair in my MH (which cost 2 times as much as the house).

Diana, not to upset you, but unfortunately Ron is probably correct about the factory's responsibility in this matter. I missed that XtraRide is an extended warranty. How did you decide to purchase it? Factory, dealer, or your own choice?

I remain confused over the parts not to be covered. Is your new countertop a different color or material? Why can't the stove cover be reused? I think I understand that the backsplash panels may be damaged in removal & need to be replaced. What about damage to the wall? I assume they are glued to the wall. Are the sinks another size or configuration that the original covers can't be reused?

Many questions remain. Continue to talk with us.

07-05-2007, 02:13 PM
We looked at alot of coaches before we decided on this one, we contemplated buying a previously owned pusher, REALLY NICE, but still used. One of the deciding factors to buy NEW was the warranty coverages, anything used just did not offer the peace of mind the new ones do.

We decided on the Xtra Ride Platinum Extended Warranty based on what the sales person told us. This warranty will cover inside and out, top to bottom, if it can't be fixed properly, it will be replaced. (We had a similar issue with a recliner, we got the extended warranty and when we couldn't get parts for the chair because the manufacturer went under, and they could'nt match the set, the replaced everything, I would have rather had my other set, but at least I don't have a broken chair anymore. They provide the sevice that we paid for.)

We are all aware of what problems can occur when purchasing "NEW', especially vehicles, and the BIG problems usually happen after that first warranty expires, hence the EXTENDED WARRANTY. We are not, in no way shape or form RICH people and can't afford to just replace or fix what ever MAY happen, that's why we spent the extra thousands of $$$$ to cover such problems ahead of time.

THE PARTS: UPDATE: They are now going to cover the whopping 2" backsplash. I would love to keep the covers and extend-a-counter piece, I would love to keep my sink and counter just how it is!! Our service person told us this cannot be repaired, it has to be replaced. The color options we were given are white and a slightly off white, our current colors are a tan, we all know what mismatch looks like, TACKY!! I did not spend over a hundred thousand $$$$ to sit in something I am not happy with. I could have purchased one of those USED units with the torquoise upholstery or something if that were the case. XTRA RIDE had already inspected and given FULL AUTHORIZATION for work to be done, this verbage and autho # is on my statement from the dealer when we picked out the new counter color. It was almost 3 weeks later, after waiting for a phone call, WE called back to find out when we were scheduled to have the install that we were informed that they now will not cover these items.

As for GS stepping up to the plate. We were TOLD by our service person specifically that GS IS aware of the problem, the manufacturer has gone out of business and that they have had to replace them in other units. THEY ARE AND WERE AWARE OF THIS PROBLEM AND HAVE REPLACED OR FIXED SOME ALREADY, that's why I think GS should step up. I'm not saying they should recall every unit, but knowing there is a problem, and knowing the company THEY used went under, why would they want to pass this problem on to their consumers. Everybody SAYS they are here to make the customer happy, without the customers business, there is no business, then they get your money and you are not so important anymore.

It's kinda like people say, your important to companies while they are trying to get your hard earned $$$$, but once they have it, it's like pulling teeth to get them to hold there end of the bargain. I think XTRA RIDE is doing the same thing as the DR's and hospitals do, they contract with the insurance companies at a certain $$$ amount for services and then try to bill the patient for the rest, even though they have been paid what they agreed on. They don't like that bottom number they agreed to be paid so they charge someone else and some people don't question and just pay it.

07-05-2007, 02:24 PM
To answer GStream40's question: Nothing was dropped in the sink. Our kids are grown, it is just my husband and myself. The coach is kept in pristine condition, inside and out. No pets, No smoking, No shoes, (except service people who don't care). To be honest this thing cost more than my house did, and it looks and smells like the day we drove it off the lot. We do plan on upgrading in a few years and it will be like new then too. (I will be totally honest with you, I am one of those REALLY anal people about my coach).

07-05-2007, 07:16 PM

Here is some information that perhaps you, or your dealer may find helpful.

I can't guarantee accuracy, but here is what I think is going on. Countertops & extensions, backsplashes, sink covers, & stove covers are provided by the original company, Bristol Laminate. Seems like Bristol Laminate was bought by & became

Bristol Laminating division of Adorn LLC.
2412 S Nappanee St, Suite B
Elkhart, IN 46517

Phone: 1-800-999-6355

Website: http://www.adornllc.com/product.php?cat ... 20Division (http://www.adornllc.com/product.php?category=Fabricated%20Solid%20Surface% 20Tops&division=Bristol%20Laminating%20Division)

Ther reported change in vendors may be nothing more than the name & parent owner. The original company closed a plant in Bristol, and moved their operations to Adorn's series of plants. From my viewpoint, it is nothing more than the same company with new shades on the window.

I think the color pattern of our countertops & "accessories" are "Bisque Aurora", perhaps a code #1506. It may be worth talking with them to see what they could provide to you or your dealer. There is always the possibility that patterns/dimensions/specs they work to are the property of GS & therefore not available to you. Maybe not though.

They currently deal in laminates as well as solid Corian.

Larry Moore
07-06-2007, 06:41 AM
If I were you I would check out counter top installers. People who make and install Corian can fix cracks, a dealer service center probably does not have the tools to work on the Corian. Even though it is worked with woodworking tools they probably do not have the glue and special glue gun that mixes the two part epoxy as it comes out. Plus the glue can be color matched to the counter color.

07-06-2007, 10:53 AM
Thanks for all the info. The fabricated solid surface tops look exactly like what is currently in our coach. We will definately check this out. I'm sure this will get resolved, even if it does come out of our own pocket. In that case, we will just have to mount our sign on the back while driving, and fly our flag when in the dunes and the desert about how unhappy we are with La Mesa of San Bernardino & Xtra-Ride Extended Warranty Service. I'm sure there are only 40 or 50 thousand people, sometimes more, on a busy weekend that will see it, people from all over the west coast, even some from farther, that's alot of potential business, hopefully lost. La Mesa of SB was recently fined $12000 for selling illegal vehicles in california, makes you kind of wonder what else they are capable of?????