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08-01-2007, 10:04 PM
Yesterday we returned from a 10 day trip along the Maine coast. Very enjoyable, but the Tour Master struck again. The morning we were set to leave Camden Hills State Park in Camden the bedroom slides wouldn't retract. Long View talked us through an electrical analysis which wasn't the problem. The slides won't operate if the bed is not in the fully retracted position (head up). The metal base under the mattress had ripped off the wooden frame. Nuts and bolts in place of screws would have solved that problem. I found one of the rods that move the bed had bent and come loose. Got that back in place and positioned the bed so the slides would come in. Now the rig is at Long View. On another note we did finalize one thing....a 42' mh is a bit big for some locations. The state park site was monstrous, but I "met" a tree on the access road leaving the sites. Now there is a good scratch on the side, but I was able to gently maneuver the coach so I didn't take off the slide topper. We encountered a similar tight situation at the COE park in CT. Good sized site, but a rough back-in situation. So, I ordered the book Big Rigs Best Bets today. On the positive side we are glad to be towing as it opens up a new world to us. We found a fantastic cg in Lubec, ME (Sunset Point). Saw ex-Pres Bush fishing at Kennebunkport. Our next trip will be out west in October. Charlie

08-02-2007, 07:52 AM
Too bad about the tree. We spent about two weeks in Main in 01. Had a great time. At that time we had were pulling a 35 ft. fiver and never had any problems. Hope you had Maple Nut ice cream on the Bar Harbor docks. Best we ever had. Think we gained five pounds between the ice cream and lobster. Oct. might be a little late to visit the NW unless you stay on the best coast in the country. Lots of luck getting parts from GS. WE have been waiting for parts since May.

08-02-2007, 02:20 PM
Long View talked us through an electrical analysis which wasn't the problem.


Sorry Charlie, I promise my snickering is not at you.....

It just reminded me of their repair plans for my transmission overdrive problem: "Well, we'll just keep plugging wires into the computer module till we get a combination that works...."