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Default backup camera

I bought a new camera on Amazon has to be a voyager camera if you want plug and play they had to buy a new color monitor got one that went on the rear view mirror but still had to purchase an adapter from another Tadi brothers It works great now I love it not the cheapest fix but everything works right now. I also get no reception on tv bought a little indoor antenna that works ok but want to check the cable and maybe replace the antenna.

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we bought a few months ago a 2006 Gulf stream Btouring 5291. Previous owner said everything good and like dummies we believed them. Been working on this MH ever since we bought it. New tires, new shocks, front and rear stablizers, steering damper, AC board went out and had to replace. Went camping and never could get a TV station to come in. Husband has been working on it forever and then bought a new TV and new antenna. Still nothing. Finally went into roof area where cable are running and found a mess with cable wires. Center pin in cables gone. Re-did cables and finally everything working now. Next project microwave combo oven turntable not turning even when it said table rotating. Then we would like a new backup camera system. The one in MH now not very good. Black and white monitor. This is worse than owning my home.
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