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Default 268bh travel trailer bad dealer & manufacturer

delivery dates missed by super deal r v of temple ga. by delivering the wrong unit twice. sign on unit said it was winterized, it was not. first time out the commode valve had a split that was a mfg. defect. second time out, the thermostat switches from farenheigt to celcius on its own. the battery had a short in it that boiled all the water out of it . the gas line was next to it and had a crack in the line and bulkhead fitting. the sewer line had only one strap holding it up. the water lines had so much glue in them that it impeded the flow of water. all of this was discovered at least 300 miles from the dealer who said 'bring it in and we will keep it two or three weeks' NOONE would touch this unit as far as warranty in Florida or Alabama. I wound up repairing these bads at my expense. I don't trust this Gulfstream brand or the super deals dealer.
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