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Question Adding a bike rack.

Has anyone added a bicycle rack to their ladder. How well did it work? What kind do you recommend. We're already pulling the car. BT 5230.
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Default bike rack

On a BT 5270, I used a ladder mounted rack at first, and this is only my personal opinion, many others must successfully use them, but I had two major problems.
I don't remember the brand, it was purchased at a Camping World store, it was specifically for bicycles.
First, with the ladder mounted rack , you need to lift the bike very high, it rides vertically. I had extreme difficulty mounting two adult bikes.
Second, I did not feel the whole assembly was secure, it seemed a bit light weight for the job it had to do, only two little straps held the bike on, and it put extra strain on the ladder. I had everything connected as instructed, plus added bungies.
So I went to a hitch mounted rack. Swagman, where a top flat bar screws down tight over the bike frame - and locks - a plus. The lock is built into the top screw ( don't know if they still make them that way).
It works so much better for me.
Eventually I added a hitch stabilizer which got rid of the wobble, which had not caused a problem, I just didn't like the tiny slack in the receiver that allowed it to wobble a bit. That is listed on Amazon as :
"Towever 84701 Corrosion Resistant Trailer Hitch Tightener Stabilizer Cross Clamp Anti Rattle, Zinc Nickel Hardware for 1.25 inches & 2 inches Hitch " It is a heavy duty device, and I recommend it.
Then I started towing a car, so I got the hitch extension that has two receivers, the lower straight through one for the tow bar, and the upper one for the bike rack. I paid what I felt was a lot for the extension, but after looking at cheaper ones on the internet, I read they had problems with those breaking - so I'm glad I got the expensive but well built one at an RV dealer.
I hope this helps.
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Default Bike rack

Didn't work for me 2 heavy bikes almost lost one. Bent the bracket that the bikes set on Rack was from Camping World not sure of brand name. When with hitch mount no problems.
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My 27ft older Gulfsrteam they had welded a slide in hitch receiver under the front. Not a major attachment like the rear, but enough to slide in a bike rack and 2 nice small eye bolts through the body on both sides for the bungies or tie downs. This worked perfect on that RV to have bikes level, secure and out of the way. Nice part too being a boater is instead of backing a boat down a ramp, I could see it out front to push it if needed.
My 34 ft had a rear ladder so I bought the rack and I think it could have worked slightly. Bikes stuck out too far obviously if I tried them parallel and the best way to haul bikes so no good. I ended putting them inside the RV instead.
My 2004 has no ladder, so they will have to go inside.
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Originally Posted by bbaluski View Post
Has anyone added a bicycle rack to their ladder. How well did it work? What kind do you recommend. We're already pulling the car. BT 5230.
I personally would NOT use the ladder. It was never designed to take the abuse of a 20#+ bike bouncing, shaking and vibrating down the road. I would 1) mount a roof rack on the car or 2) mount a hitch on the car then buy a bike rack for the hitch. BOTH are secure, easy to access the bikes and are actually designed for carrying a bike.
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for 4+ years we used a simply 'dual accessory receiver' that allows both our 4 - BIKE RACK and for you to still tow your vehicle - found on the shelf at W*mt and others. The bike rack sits high enough that you have good clearance between them and the vehicle('14 Ford fiesta or Focus)...
...2014 Ameri lite 259BH...
towed by our '14 Thor Palazzo 33.3 diesel pusher...
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