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Default Winter Storage

Since winter is coming in Michigan and we won't be using our BT for a few months I have disconnected both the engine and house batteries. Good idea?
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I plan to removed my batteries, put in the basement where the temperature is constant, checked water level, (only add distilled water if needed) and put on a tickle charger/maintainer for the winter.

I am suspicious of dashboard radios and stuff would drain down the chassis battery. Also not sure if by leaving the coach plugged into power all winter if that charger would boil off the water in the house battery and not charge the chassis battery.

I would be interested if others offer better ideas.
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Chuck v
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Many coaches do not charge the chassis battery from shore power. I added a trickle charger to my chassis (diesel starting) battery bank so it could be maintained from shore power since I was living in it full time over the winter and driving it only once every 3 months or so for a brief one day trip. Battery maintainers like the quality trickle chargers and the sophisticated electronics in an inverter/charger that serves the battery bank for the inverter are pretty good and not overcharging and needlessly driving off battery water...but the 12 volt converter/charger on most house battery banks will definitely tend to de-water the batteries. I used the manifold filling accessories on each of my battery banks to allow a squeeze bulb to easily add distilled water without overfilling and simply made a routine of doing so every couple of months to ensure the levels were always at or near full.

There were eight total heavy batteries in my Tour Master, so taking them all out over a winter would be a lot of work and the above methods gave me years of service on each quality battery.

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Be sure to charge them fully to prevent freeze. If the RV is stored where there is electricity available, a small trickle charger with float level is even better. Battery Tender Junior is about 25 bucks and does an outstanding job. Unless the batteries are together under the hood, you will need two of them.

Another popular choice is to remove both batteries and put them in your basement for the winter. This is a lot of heavy lifting. And without batteries you cannot start the engine or generator monthly for exercise and circulation.

Originally Posted by tevz32 View Post
Since winter is coming in Michigan and we won't be using our BT for a few months I have disconnected both the engine and house batteries. Good idea?
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