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Default 2003 5211 ladder and electrical questions

Hi all.

I tried to replace our 2003 BT Cruiser ladder, and it's a nightmare. The ladder is manufactured by Christianson Industries, a backwater company that does not sell to private buyers (I know - do you not want my money or what?). I was on the phone with them for half an hour pleading my case (I am from Canada and shipping things here is outrageously expensive if through third parties). So no go. They only sell to Gulfstream. My question is, has anyone had any luck with replacing the original ladder? Are there any alternatives that don't involve punching a lot of holes in the fiberglass, and still preserving the original attachment points?

The other question pertains to my house battery being discharged by... I brought an electrician and we couldn't figure this out. I have two disconnect switches - one, visible, next to the fuse box and converter, and the other under the left side couch, where the main 12V bus is (close to the water pump). With both of these in the OFF position, the battery is drained in about 3 days and the LP alarm starts beeping. As I was saying, everything was checked and there are no current leaks anywhere... Interestingly enough, the vehicle battery doesn't seem to be affected. Anyone has been encountering this problem?

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Sounds like your L.p. alarm does not turn off with either switch, L.p. alarms are a know battery drain
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It really doesn't turn off, indeed. I just replaced it as it had reached its end of life and was nagging us with incessant beeps. The previous one was sensing gasoline vapors when I would fill up.

The whole electrical is a mess, I'm seriously thinking of hiring someone to redo it altogether eventually... but it's a big haul and calls for a damn lot of money. (Just to give you an idea, the wire splices in the rear bumper aren't even waterproofed. They're just connected with crimp male/female connectors, in a place that gets lots of water and mud. How does one even do this? )

We're on our fourth RV (been through a 40-footer, then a fiberglass trailer, then a camper van and then this). I have yet to see something built worse. But I happen to like this bug for a number of reasons, hence the willingness to put some effort in making it livable.
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Sounds like my coach. I don't think GS did it. I think the PO just had to fool with things. I have found several little things wrong and when I fix them it is obvious that he had fooled with things. Like he changed the TVs three times. This is a unit that only had a couple thousand miles on it when I bought it from the original owner. He was a sheriff and definitely not a technician.

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Default Cheap solution to your problem

I offer a cheap solution to your problem. Since the alarm goes off, obviously all of the 12 volt systems are not turned off. There is your battery drain.

A cheap fix is a brass battery switch that fits on top of the battery and disconnects everything. About $17 on Amazon. More expensive $27 ones are available that mount remotely from the battery...usually used in boats.

Either will kill all possible drain on battery. Then if the battery goes dead, that tells you the battery itself is the problem and needs to be replaced.

[QUOTE=human;28358]Hi all.
The other question pertains to my house battery being discharged by... I
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