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Wink Stabilizer scissor jacks

I have a 2019 Gulf stream Ensbruck 28 ft travel trailer. The stabilizer s are scissor jacks attached to the frame.
Question: How or what can I do to stop the shaking when you walk inside when the jacks are down? I do 1 turn after the jacks contact the yellow blocks so they a fairly snug.
I have the yellow blocks I use under the jacks. It also looks like there is only 1 place the jacks are welded to the frame.

I might have posted a similar request some time ago so excuse me if I did(short memory)
Pop Pop K
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One thing you can do is to place more portable jacks under the unit until it's meets your stability requirements.
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Valterra makes a "universal stabilizer" that you place under a frame rail and then use a ratchet strap to add tension by pulling the legs toward each other. In concept it seems reasonable but I have not yet tried them. They only add 6lbs of weight each and look to be about $40 each.
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See if your tires are moving a bit when you walk (have an assistant look at the wheels). X chocks might help. I know our trailer seems a bit more stable when using those, especially when using blocks to level the tires and unable to use all of the normal chocks.
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VaGeneric, Yup, the X Chocks did the job. Thank You. They took 90% of the wobble out of the trailer, I also used a scissor jack on each side in the middle of the trailer and that took the rest out.
Thanks again for the valuable info.
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Am glad you fixed your problem, but anyone else reading, I have found that if I put blocks under the jacks so they don't extend down so far, it helped in stabilizing my TT.
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