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Default 07 Sun Voyager Coach Battery issues

Hello all,

I am new to the forum and new to owing a class A. So I recently bought a 2007 Gulfstream Sun Voyager model 8389 and I am having some problems:

If engine is running and the generator is started the dash lights up and an audible alert indicating a battery system problem. Then the generator shuts off. Here is some things I have done with no success. I purchased two new deep cycle marine batteries and installed in parallel I measured the chassis battery at 12.6 volt with engine off and 14.3 running so it seems alternator is fine. The new coach batteries are not charging via the alternator and slowly dying as I start the generator or use batt power. I have to use an external batt charger to re-charge the coach batteries. There is a error code ď29Ē on the Owen Marquis Gold 5500 indicating high battery voltage. With the engine off the generator works some times but other times it shuts off fairly quickly and inside the coach I hear a click like a switch. I located the automatic transfer switch (it looks fine) and when plugged into shore power I have 120 voltage (I did not check the voltage for the generator wires)I bought this from someone that absolutely knew nothing about RVís but thatís about where I am too so it was the blind leading the blind. I have a few other issues but this is the most important one I need to address. As for shore power I can only hook up to a home 20amp service. But found this also fails in charging the new coach batteries. I have checked literally all the fuses I can find and they are good. Iím not sure if when I installed new Coach batteries if something shorted but I donít see a high amp fuse near the batteries to check. Iím not sure if this could be a solenoid or?? And if so which one? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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the use of a 20amp outlet should have no effect on your situation, as 120v power is 120v power, regardless of the 'size' of the outlet....and any 120v power should certainly provide charging to your house batteries via the Converter, or an Inverter with an integrated Battery Charger, depending on which you have.

As for the Alternator, motorhomes do typically have a way for the alternator to provide passive charging to the house batteries, WHEN the chassis battery(s) have reached a certain charge level - the 'extra' goes then to the house batteries.

For the generator - it 'starts' by using the house batteries for starting power, which you've seen. The generator may have a condition that is not allowing it then to continue to run, such as either low fuel level in the coach's tank(must be above 1/4), or a clogged generator fuel filter/line, etc.
As the generator runs, and after 20-30 seconds, the ATS(auto transfer switch) should then sense it's 120v output and 'click' or 'thump' into place, allowing that power to then get to your Main Breaker Panel, for power to with the coach.
When the generator stops, you may also hear a 'thump' as that ATS 'releases' it's magnetic transfer switch, sometimes even minutes later.

For your Batteries you 'installed', you didn't mention whether that's two 12v type or whether it's two 6v type. That's a big difference in how you then 'wire' them.
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The house batteries are both 12vt deep cycle and wired in parallel to provide 12 volts at a longer amp hour. The transfer switch is definitely switching when the generator shuts off. All the outlets are working when the generator is running or shore power is on but still no charge to the house batteries. When I first installed the batteries I am wondering if the positive and/or negative battery leads might have touched the chassis with either shore power or generator power on causing a short. I can not locate any blown fuses and I believe the solenoid in the electrical bay are functioning properly. This issue has me stumped.

This all started from the following: I was trying to put out the slide on the passenger side which is a electric motor rack and pinion type slide (the driver side slide is hydraulic) when it would not operate with the generator operating. I started the engine (with the generator still on) and tried again with no success. I then heard the dash beeping and illuminating the batt light. The generator then shut off. I then went through the process of testing the alternator and itís working just fine. I found the coach batteries to be low so I charged them. One of the batteries had a dead cell according to my charger so I replaced them both. During this process I did have the coach plugged into to shore at some point to put the slide out (it only operates on shore power still to this day even with the new batteries). Now the chassis battery is full as the alternator charges it completely but nothing is sending voltage back to my house batteries whether it be the alternator, generator or shore power.
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Default the solution?


I read the thread and am curious, what was the solution and the problem?
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Maybe this will help. I have a 2007 Sun voyager, diesel option. The other day I had zero power. No dashboard lights, nothing. Called a jump stater with 240 volts for diesel trucks. We discovered the connect and disconnect switches on the side of the entrance steps, one would not click. Connected to one of the starter batteries, I still had zero power. The mechanic switched batteries and I flipped the switches off and on on several times. We got power and got her started. I contacted Gulf Stream and got instant help. They have replaced those switches with better ones. However, you have to replace the plug harness also. They gave me the part numbers, but you have to buy them from one of their dealers. They will give you dealer info also. Super, super owner service from Gulf Stream. I also am having generator problems. It runs for maybe 10 minutes and then shuts off. Hopefully this issue will be resolved with the new switches.

Just had the generator serviced, oil and filter changed and fuel filter. so will let you know.
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battery, converter, generator, solenoid

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