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Maybe this posting might help some of the owners of BT CRUISERS is they understand who they are dealing with. 1)GULFSTREAM COACH INC. is a actually a sub of a mobile home manufacturing company. 2) That RVIA sticker that is attached,with a serial number on it, attests to the fact that gulfstream coach is audited a min of six times a year for quality standards (dont send them a complaint because all they do is fwd it to gulfstream and not much will really happen). 3)You can try a compliant to Goodsams action line and what you get back is a copy of a letter gulfstream sent to goodsams that they are in contact with you and goodsams will accept that as an answer. 4)File a complaint with the national hiway and safty of the federal gov. for water leaking into compartments with electrical components which has not been fixed in nine tries and you get back an e-mail which says they will look into it(this one is very serious because water, 120volt outlets and slidout motors do not mix well). 5)In the end spend 14 months filing with your state lemon law(if you are lucky enough to have a lemon law in your state), get a lawyer and wait more time for the case to come up and hope you can prove your point in front of them. This is not an isolated case as I beging to recieve E-mails from other owners who have dealt with gulfstream coach and is in isolated to only gulfstream but gulstream does appear to been in a race to be numer one bad qualiy, unsafe, and expensive rvs. So I now own a $95000 driveway decoration that I put my christmas lites on because I sure cannot use it. I am not willing to give up this fight because I am worn down by a system that takes forever to get anything done or a rv builder that professes quality until a closer look is taken of there product. As with many of us the rv dream is real and not just something to dump our hard earned money into.
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Sorry to hear that a resolution to your problem has not been reached.

The complete history of Gulf Stream Coach Inc. can be viewed on the Gulf Stream Coach website and the parent company Fairmont Homes.

I know that sometimes any dealing with a goverment agency can be slowwww... as you found out.

I am surprised at the response from Good Sam as they have helped many reach resolutions with problems with their RV's.

Leaks in an RV can sometimes be a real bear to solve and sometimes the obvious is overlooked.

I guess any manufacturer can build a problem coach in any price range, just look at the other manufacturer brand forums and see the many posts of problems, many of them very serious.

Hope you get a complete resolution to your problems soon so that you can get on with enjoying the RV lifestyle.

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Hi. My BT Cruiser 5245 has also succumbed to the slideout problem. The floor is sagging and the slideout will not close fully. It has been at the dealer for 2 weeks now and they are dealing with Gulfstream. I am ever hopeful they will repair it but not holding my breath.
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Default BT Cruiser floor sagging

We are presently trying to find one to buy. Did they fix it? If not, what is the real problem? Do you have photos? BTW, how in the world do you make that bed and have the bed clothes stay on it? If we can ever find one to look at and get some of these questions answered we might just go to the factory and talk to them. We can't even find one within three to five hundred miles here in Texas. I hope you do get some results. That's awful to have an almost new motorhome have a huge problem like that. What year is yours? It seems like this has been going on for several years in that line.

Originally Posted by Tribewinds View Post
Hi. My BT Cruiser 5245 has also succumbed to the slideout problem. The floor is sagging and the slideout will not close fully. It has been at the dealer for 2 weeks now and they are dealing with Gulfstream. I am ever hopeful they will repair it but not holding my breath.
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We are on our first trip to make sure everything works. And it does but the slide out. The end by the bed actuated and wants to move out but no action at the end behind the drivers seat. The slide then starts to twist and of course ends up not moving. Very very disappointed in this being our first issue on the first outing with our gulfstream. Any solutions?
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