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Default Shore power requires engine running?!

Hello everyone,

my '06 Sun Voyager (model 8379) won't run anything except electrical outlets from shore power unless the main engine is also running. If shore power is disconnected, lights, fans, AC etc. don't work with the engine running.

Unfortunately the generator is being obstinate (not starting) making it impossible to test that scenario.

I've tested all of the fuses, breakers and relays I can find to no avail. The two house batteries are brand new and I'm out if ideas on how to identify the source of the problem.

Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

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Default Interconnect switch?

Have you checked the interconnect switch? It goes between the house and chassis batteries. If on house mode, then everything DC should run off house batteries - and shore power will charge the house batteries. If on chassis mode, then the alternator powers house DC and charges the batteries.

My 93 Ultra stopped apparently charging the house batteries while on shore power a couple of days ago when I was messing with the fuse box, hooking up a new dashboard stereo. AC outlets were working, but I think I had knocked the wire loose (yellow wire that goes from the switch to under the dash) and the interconnect switch was stuck on chassis mode. I think the house batteries drained from not charging for a day or so, and the 12v fridge stopped working (low-voltage cutoff). Reconnected the yellow wire to 12v ignition voltage and everything started working again.

I don't know if this was the cause for sure - I'm actually about to post my own thread about the interconnect thing - but you might check!
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