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Old 05-13-2021, 11:22 PM   #1
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Default Toilet / black tank clog?

My question is mainly how do I unclog my toilet but Iíll give the history below in case the background info is helpful.

I bought a used 2018 Vintage Cruiser 23RSS last Dec. I discovered the sensor was reading 2/3 full but the prior owner said she never used it. She had bought it from a dealership less than a year prior. The dealership claimed they emptied the tank but apparently they didnít. The former owner paid to have a port-o-potty service come to my home and empty the tank. Not much came out and the tank read 1/3 full after. I sprayed it out with the built in feature and the water ran freely and clear. I didnít begin using the tank until recently. The sensor didnít seem reliable so I was guessing on when to dump. Not much solids seemed to be passing through but liquids were. Then, liquid stopped passing through. I filled the tank with water and used Unique tank cleaner. That seemed to help the liquid once again flow out of the tank but Iím not sure if it digested everything in the tank or not. When I open the toilet valve I see liquid and some floating bits so I know the toilet is still clogged. My questions are what should I use to unclog the toilet and how do I know if thereís still a bunch of solids in the tank that arenít coming out? The sensor now reads empty when I drain the tank and climbs as I add water using the built in sprayer so it seems accurate unless thereís a pile in there that isnít in contact with the sensors.
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Old 05-14-2021, 10:04 AM   #2
lets go
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Something you might try if you suspect that you still have waste in the tank is put a couple of bags of ice down the toilet and drive around on a bumpy road, then dump the tank and after that you can pour some vegetable oil in the tank and let it stay until next dumping. You could also buy one of those spray wands that screw onto end of hose and stick it down the throat of toilet and move it around sometimes the black tank flush system just dot cut it.

I have never seen a one of those tank sensors that work correctly and that goes for gray and fresh water as well.

Hope this helps
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Old 05-16-2021, 10:47 AM   #3
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How long did you let the water sit in the tank before draining it?

If you have a years-old pile of dried out waste, it may take quite a while for it to rehydrate and be flushable.

I would fill the tank 3/4 full again with water and a couple cups of Calgon water softener and a bottle of Dawn dish liquid. Let it sit for two weeks and then take a drive to slosh everything around.

Flush when you get home. This should take care of the dreaded Brown Pyramid and clean your sensors as well.

Incidentally, the quickest way to BUILD the pyramid is to leave the black water valve hooked up and open at a campground. Waste simply won't flush out with the relative trickle of water that RV toilets use.

Always keep the black tank valve closed and don't dump until 2/3 or more full. If you have to dump before that 2/3 is reached, add fresh water; you need that WHOOSH to get everything out of the tank.

Add a few gallons of fresh water to the empty tank to prevent waste from sticking to the bottom.
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Old 05-20-2021, 08:50 PM   #4
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Try Happy Campers extreme cleaner for holding tanks.I use happy campers organic tank treatment all the time never had any issues with clogging or odours
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Old 10-16-2021, 08:22 AM   #5
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I bought Walex treatment for my RV and it worked very well. I did not smell any chemicals or foul odor at all while camping until I drained my tanks. The sludge was jellified and it was really easy to just rinse everything off. Before when my bro would dump it, he would be gagging and complaining about it like a little sissy but now he can put his big man jeans on and just dump the crap without pitching a hissy fit!!
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