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Default Gulfstream Independence 2007 - Electrical ?

Hi all. This is my first post after reading thread after thread. I bought a used 2007 Gulfstream Motorhome a couple of months ago. Being a first time buyer, I did as much research as I could. If I had to say one thing - It has been a journey, but I'm up for it and want to continue. I just got off the back of a 'breaking in' trip and ran into multiple trials and tribulations. Most do not concern me, but I have an electrical issue that is wearing on me. The symptoms:

1.) I turn on the dash lights and blow both a 30 and 20 amp fuse in the fuseblock under the hood.
2.) It also recently started clicking when trying to start.

Both these happened while on my maiden voyage. I was "lucky" enough to get it to an RV shop while stopped in Tenneesee to see the inlaws, but got fleeced to the tune of 840 dollars of labor without solving a single issue. The "gentleman" claimed that I should redo the fuseblock in the front engine compartment as he thinks the electrical is running through there and there's a short creating arcing.

I was able to start it and blow the two fuses again when I turned on the dashboard, but now I'm home and figured I'd test all the auxilary lights being turned on to see if they blew again. Come back a few hours later and I have a worse issue.

Overall question: Is there anyone on this board from Connecticut who knows how to troubleshoot electrical and/or can provide me a reliable contact or RV place who could help? Since I've had the RV, I've ran into issues with the one place I brought it. They replaced the mufflers, but left exhaust leaks that still enter the cabin if I keep the front windows down.

Hell - at this stage, is there anyone willing to teach me a thing or two and work with me on it? I'll pay cash. I know this sounds desperate, but I kind of am and feel out on an island. I am relatively handy when taught, but car electrical is new to me.

Any assistance or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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Sounds like you may have a short in your lights ,tail light ,headlight or a trailer connection at the rear of the camper
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I had a similar problem with a BT Cruiser that I found to be caused by wiring in the right hand tail light assembly giving me an intermittent short. These lights are a terrible design but I could not find a way to replace them, so I removed them and replaced all the bulb sockets, wiring and connectors. Zero problem since! If you do it you will have about 60 bucks and 3 to 4 hours in it. Parts can be had from Advance Auto.
Good Luck.
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I am having a similar problem. Mine is the running lights will only come on if I am pulling my tow vehicle and turn the running lights on it. This is only good until the battery runs down on my tow vehicle. Now my motorhome lights will not come on by themselves. I think a fuse or something is blown, but not finding any. Makes no sense. If you find an answer please share with me. Thanks, Chris
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