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Default Coach batteries dead 2006 Indepence

Having some strange problems with model 8292.

Coach batteries completely dead after about 3 mos of non-use. Solenoid main switch was off. Hooked up a temp battery and turned main on, drawing a half amp with no systems on.

Also propane at zero. No, the heater was not left on and no source of ignition with main switch off. Likewise with the fridge.

What I really need to know where the fuses are so I can start pulling one at at a time. Or if you have any other ideas please let me know........Jim
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most coaches have small draws even with the Use/Store switch in the 'OFF/Store' the best course of action is to install a true CUT OFF switch at the House Batteries in order to really cut 'everything' off while in storage...

or, you can install a small Solar Panel to offset these small draws and keep the House batteries better maintained while in non-use... then you can leave the House batteries 'ON'(Use position) rather than cutting them off at all.
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The fastest and most reliable way to store a battery is with a tender. Even disconnected internal cell Resistance will pull a battery down over time. What UAHaerospace said is very true.
If you have a stereo in the trailer I would bet the memory is hooked directly into the Bat+
You can buy an amp meter and hook it up inline to see what the draw is with everything off.
This is just an example, and be careful to read the max load specs but I have one of these for just the purpose of looking for less then an amp draws at rest.
Here is how this works. Replace the wire ends with alligator or battery clamps. Remove either of the battery clamps and hook the meter in between the battery and the load i.e one clip will be on the battery pole and one on the battery clamp. Any load will be shown on the meter. REMEMBER, DC circuits are polarity sensitive so if you hook it up backwards it may show a charge instead of a draw or vice versa.
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Batteries need to be charged. I have found out that any vehicle if you leave the battery or batteries connected, they will go dead on you. Best thing is to use some kind of trickle charging whether it is solar or just a smart charger hooked up to the batteries. Once they go dead, bottom out, you have to replace them. I keep mine hooked up to a 15 amp house plug all the time and my inverter/charger floats once it reaches accordingly. But to stop any kind of parasite draws, just turn the big two toggle switches off on the compartment next to the batteries and there will be no draw then.
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Thank you all for your replies.
I have replaced the coach batteries and everything has been working for now.
I did note some battery draw with the main solenoid off.
I think the best idea is to install a cut-off switch at the battery and maybe add a maintainer too.
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