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Default 08 Supernova electrical problem

I have a 08 diesel Supernova (International) with a major electrical ignition problem. Would not start and found the 5 amp ignition fuse under the hood blown. Replaced fuse and started right up but would not shut off with ignition key. Had to pull fuse at battery to shut it down plus it blew the 5 amp fuse again. Checked key switch and all replays in fuse box under the hood are good. Any suggestions where problem may be?
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Dan, there are about 4 places that give problems like that, mine has always been a no start or it would just shut down. If this is not the problem in the future it will be.

1. 10 amp fuse in battery area. I replaced the holder with a larger type fuse.
2. ground in battery area there is a connector that will go bad. I wired it direct.
3. ground and power connector mid way under the engine. I wired it direct.
4. 4 wires in a connector about 8" above the fuse box under the hood. I wired them direct.

2 of these caused me to be towed. 1 I called a dealership and had a tech come out.

Hope this helps.

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I have the same model, built on a 2007 international 4200 chassis. This sounds like a welded relay if it won't shut off. I've had lots of little electrical gremlins and I've done extensive rewiring. Wherever Gulfstream connected to the international wiring, there seems to be trouble. Mine was not customized with much care, or reason. While I can't help you directly find the bad relay/solenoid, there are a few under the dash, far drivers side, and a few more on the engine side of the firewall where the other fusebox is. I would start there, and check the dual voltage start switch as well. Some of the rocker switches seem to disintegrate. I also suggest disconnecting every connector on the rig, cleaning it out with isopropyl alcohol, and liberally applying dielectric grease before reconnecting. Any corroded pins should be extracted and replaced at that time. Water seems to get in these connectors and do bad things. Good news is you have a class C, and international can help you solve this problem if they put a good tech on it.
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I had a similar issue on two separate occasions. First there was a wire that comes across the top of the transmission that vibrated around and wore off the insulation and it shorted out. This happened at 70 mph on the interstate in Florida and I coasted to the side of the road. When the roadside assistance guy showed up, in a contract truck based on a 4200 IH, he said he suspected something and went to work, finding the wire. This wire can be seen from the cab if you remove the engine cowling under the dash and look at the top of the transmission. He solved this by taking some small diameter rubber fuel line, splitting it, sliding it over the wire and taping it up. The other issue I had was with the neutral indicator wire, the tech said that there was as short somewhere between the fuse and the transmission connector, and rather than rip the whole harness apart, he bypassed it and ran a new wire taping it up to the old harness. Very frustrating both times..... Hope this helps...
Brian Redmon
LTC, USA, Retired
2008 GS6400, new to me 2014
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You may find this document (see link below) helpful when working on Supernova electrical issues.

I tried attaching the file multiple times, but the upload always failed.
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I got an 08 SN ...the damn Weather-Pack connectors go bad. I have direct wired & bypassed the original connectors....they just go bad. Just as everyone has mentioned previously....
2008 Supernova
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