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Default Minor roof leak discovered with some rot...

Getting our roof resealed and the satellite dish upgraded and the shop noticed that there has been a small leak on the roof under a foot of the old KVH dish that doesn't drip but was just enough to rot the wood. Apparently, there was some install shenanigans because someone had glued that foot (1 of 3) to the fiberglass over some damage. Affected area is maybe 10" in diameter. They dried it as much as possible and then resealed it. They said their fix should be good for a few years but the damage/rot is done. Mentioned that the only way to really fix this will be to get the roof replaced down the road.

Is that true? The rest of the roof is great but I find it incredulous that the whole roof would have to be redone because of one small area. It's a fiberglass roof with the thin layer of wood underneath. Does anyone specialize in doing a less drastic repair?
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Just forget about it if you have the leak stopped.I think the tech that told you you would have to replace the entire roof is an idiot. Be careful there are a lot of them running wild here in America. I have never heard of replacing an entire fiberglass roof. Now rubber roofs on travel trailers and such are changed in one piece. I have a couple of areas that I have repaired that have de-laminated and rotten wood around the area. (bathroom skylite bubble) There are a couple products, one being MinWax "Wood Hardener" that are very thin epoxy compounds that can be used during the repair but if the leak is stopped just avoid stepping on the area and keep an eye on it.

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In my opinion...Water generally leads to mold. I’d be more concerned about that and look into a more immediate repair that removes the water damaged material and replace it. If you leave it alone, I’d test for mold periodically. Good luck!
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Default roof leak

Do NOT let them sell you a new roof. We had a small area of roof rot by our Winegard Antenna mount. I did a cut and paste version of a plywood patch. Glued the rubber roof membrane back in place over the new patch. Then used EternaBond Roofing Tape around the edges of the patch. Everything has been water-tight for 10 years now.

[QUOTE=proost;30004]Getting our roof resealed and the satellite dish upgraded and the shop noticed that there has been a small leak on the roof
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