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Default Brand Noob in WA. 2008 BT Cruiser 5921 (Gas)

Hi, new to the forum. I just bought a 2008 Gulfstream BT Cruiser 5291. I am 100% new to the RV scene. So far I have learned that:

1. Contacting Gulfstream by Email is a waste of time.
2. I need manuals. The only one I've found is the generic Owners Manual. Any advice on how to get them would be really helpful.
3. My FW water system appears to leak. There is a drip coming from around the front center coming out of a small nozzle. I'm leaking about a drop a second.
4. I don't know how to light the propane system. It's not in the owners manual.
5. I have NEVER seen the kind of generator that is in this RV. It works great (I think) but I'd like to know what it is without taking the entire thing apart.

I guess that's a lot to start out with. In the absence of any guidance, either orally or in writing, I would be very happy with any instructions. Thus far I have disassembled the outside and inside shower systems and they work much better now. I have repaired and strengthened a bent and broken OEM roof ladder, replaced 6 tires, compounded and waxed most of it, done my best to clean water spots off the glass and paint and it seems like am endless amount of small things to "get it right". I enjoy that stuff and I'm retired so its all good.

I live in WA in a the city of Lakewood. It rains a lot so outside work can often be a miserable process. There are a ton of RV places here that consider it their place in life to gouge me for every buck they can. Labor rates are upwards of 120 p/hr for basic stuff. The highest I've seen is $170 p/hr but that's a full fledged RV service facility. Crazy..! So anyway, I am eager to learn and welcome advice from one and all. Thanks and I look forwards to hearing from you.
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Leisure Time Larry
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Hi Charlie,

Congrats on your 5291! Unfortunately, they really don't make a manual that is rig specific like we would hope. Most things will be dealt with pretty generically. Most of the elements of a coach are similar. It's just going to be locating and figuring everything out. That might take some work. I would shoot out a few specific questions at a time. Googling and searching on YouTube will give answers.

-The leak from your FW is likely from the drain valve. I hear they are easily rebuild-able.
-There is no "lighting" of the propane system. Once the main valve at the tank is turned on slowly to charge they system lines, each propane component should automatically light when needed.
-The two most commonly used generators used on these coaches are the Onan (Cummins) QG 4000 and the Generac Guardian QP-40

I really recommend getting intimate with your new coach. Take tons of pictures on your phone or digital camera that you can store for reference. Take all inside pictures. Stickers, switches, layouts, everything. Then go deeper. Inside cabinets, under sofas and chairs and beds. Take out the drawers, look with a flashlight for anything hidden... components, wiring, plumbing, etc. Continue taking pictures. Remove any access panels and document what is behind them again, looking at components, electrical, and wiring. All the while, be looking and note...where is: the freshwater tank, freshwater tank drain valves, low point drain valves, hot water tank and bypass valves, water pump, 120v outlets, 12 volt outlets, the house batteries, battery disconnect switch(s), water pump switch(s), slide switch(s), etc., etc.

Finally, this site isn't the most active. I recommend asking questions over on the forum for much more interaction.

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Default Really appreciate your informative response

Thank you so much for your response. I think I learned more reading that than I have after having done all kinds of You Tube watching and Google surfing. Now I have a direction to head in and a sequence to follow, not to mention some good tips. Now to go out and get started. Thanks again.
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