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Default Apollo Half Time Oven

We have an Apollo Half Time oven in our 2008 GS Vista Cruiser Mini. It is mounted above the cooktop and provides light and exhaust fan for cooking. It appears the turntable drive motor has gone out. I can turn it manually so I am pretty sure the driver and shaft are seated properly. I think replacing the motor is above my skill level as it requires I take the oven down and disassemble the exhaust fan, etc.

I have several questions:
Are these parts still available? Is this something an appliance repair shop should be able to fix or do I have to go to the RV repair place ? Has anyone found a newer unit that will fit in the same opening as the Apollo oven? Reading online indicates there are not any/many that will fit.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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I have an Amana Raderange Convection Oven. The turntable drive motor is accessed by taking the bottom plate of the unit off. It is a simple job as it was only half a dozen screws. The motor was visible, the part number was on it, got a replacement off the Internet and the replacement was easy to install.

Look at the bottom of your Apollo and see how the bottom plate is attached. Once removed you should see the gear motor with a part number on it. You should be able to find a replacement on the Internet.

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