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Default 3-way refrigerator

I am seriously looking for a GS 19ERD. I would like to have a 3-way refrigerator so that I can keep the refrigeration going while I'm towing (12v DC). I know that some people run it on propane while towing, but, I can't get the image of a flaming trailer going down the interstate out of my head. So here's my question. What year did Gulfstream stop putting the three way refrigerator in their 19 ERD travel trailers? Has anyone replaced a two-way with a three-way in one of the later models?
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Default Re: 3-way refrigerator

Really? No one?
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Hey F You Berg..
We have the 2016 model ERD and DO use the propane while driving down the road. I had the same concerns as you but after researching many posts, found that it was safe and worked well. Try it, you'll like it...
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Durring the summer (warmer months) we always run the fridge on LP even while traveling to/from camp/ Just seem to keep cooler than just electric. Found the freezer keeps frost inside on LP vs. on electric its just cold.
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Most 3-way fridges can't actually cool down on 12V. It can help to maintain the current temperature better than leaving it off would, but it's really not very effective.

Evaporative refrigerators are VERY inefficient. They're several times more energy hungry than compressor refrigerators. 12V has trouble supplying enough wattage to provide useful cooling for any but the smallest. The advantage to them, and why they're so popular in trailers, is you can run them off of any energy source that provides heat, such as propane.

Leave them on propane while traveling and it'll work fine.
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