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Default Fresh water tank leak

Hello everybody, hope all is good I own am amerilite 2017 189dd
Been rving for almost two years ,and I've boondocked a few times.
I know when we fill up the fresh water tank we must be mindful not to make it overflow, not to be filled up all the way or so I understood
Now since I'm still fairly new to rving and especially to boondocking when the water level fills up to about 2/3 where the water hose is just below that water leaks out and noticed the inside of the camper full of water .
After clean up i noticed a small hole underneath where the water hose is on the potable water tank ,is the hole normal should it be there or is it a repair tha needs to be fixed
Thank you
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The only holes should be the actual fill hole and overflow drain, both are typically at the same level. Now your tank may have additional options i.e holes for different mounting configurations but those should all have plugs.

I only boondock and fill my tank full. I put a longer piece of Pex hose on the overflow drain and installed a valve on that drain hose. After water runs out of the overflow I close the valve, this allows me to carry several additional gallons of water without it syphoning out during the drive.
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