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ronny white
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Default 268bh travel trailer bad dealer & manufacturer

delivery dates missed by super deal r v of temple ga. by delivering the wrong unit twice. sign on unit said it was winterized, it was not. first time out the commode valve had a split that was a mfg. defect. second time out, the thermostat switches from farenheigt to celcius on its own. the battery had a short in it that boiled all the water out of it . the gas line was next to it and had a crack in the line and bulkhead fitting. the sewer line had only one strap holding it up. the water lines had so much glue in them that it impeded the flow of water. all of this was discovered at least 300 miles from the dealer who said 'bring it in and we will keep it two or three weeks' NOONE would touch this unit as far as warranty in Florida or Alabama. I wound up repairing these bads at my expense. I don't trust this Gulfstream brand or the super deals dealer.
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Default Warranty repair difficulty

We bought a new 2018 24í Amerilite from Ashley Boat and RV in Opelika Alabama in December 2017. We discovered a number of leaks in plumbing and through the exterior marker lights on the top front. The fittings to the water heater were less than hand tight and created a flow of water coming from the bathroom to the kitchen. The bathroom sink drain trap leaked and was less than hand tight. Any water that hit the shower walls ran under the shower pan. Only one of the 3 sides had any caulking, and it was a token job that did not seal one bit. There was water dripping onto the cabinet and shelf over the master bed. It was coming from a poorly caulked top right marker light. The caulking in the water heater access door had not been applied to a clean surface, so it had not bonded to the metal. Therefore when draining the water heater, most of the water ran into the wall behind the exterior siding rather than the outside. We had our first 3 day weekend the last weekend of March 2018. More than a half day was spent looking for a dealer closer to us than Columbus GA, the dealer that does repairs for the Opelika dealer. We called the Temple GA dealer and he said they were booked on warranty repairs 162 days out, more than 5 months. Temple GA is the closest dealer to us, still about 75 miles. We got a similar story from every single dealer in Alabama and Georgia. There was a theme that emerged as we talked to the service departments. They all tried to push us off onto another dealer. Two dealers couldnít give us an answer to whether they could get to the repair, and promised to call us back but never did. It seems they make these units with the low QC, knowing they will come back in immediately. Now that it is spring, they are overwhelmed with repair work, and dodging customer complaints any way they can. I had to calculate what my time is worth, as well as the cost of driving around 400 miles for two round trips to the dealer. So I did the repairs myself. I am a skilled repairman, much more so than the dealers, and have worked on RVís for years. I really feel for those who have to depend on the dealers to fix these thousands of little problems, which will turn into big problems if not fixed immediately. I plan to go over the entire unit and check further for potential problems, given the low quality control used to make these things. Any caulk applied to a surface needs to be mechanically pushed onto the surface to push the caulking into the irregular surfaces, and microscopicly remove air and fill voids to get the best adhesion, and appearance. By the look, you can tell they simply squeeze the caulk from the tube and let it lightly sit on the surface. You can gently tug on the caulk and you will find it is not bonded. That needs cutting off and redoing. We havenít used our freshwater tank yet, but I discovered leaks there too when winterizing it. There is really no excuse for such poor workmanship. There must be no accountability for the workers, and they hire folks with no sense of pride in their workmanship. Itís just as easy to fully tighten fitting as it is to screw it on a few rounds and stop. It would have to be cheaper for Gulf Stream to do it right the first time, rather than pay dealers to finish assembling the rigs.
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Dave G
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Default Issues

I feel for you. I have a 2017 America like to 274 QB. Since day one Iíve had nothing but issues including brake lines frayed freshwater tank valve kinked, slide hitting ceiling. Also Iíve had leaks around the tub Iíve had to caulk Iíve had the same roof leak as youíre describing. In addition my newest issue I just found is my city water is ending up filling up my freshwater tank. This leads me to believe that the issues with the water pump allow water to come back through. Not to mention the door knob fell off in my hand and the microwave door donít open properly. Good luck with your repairs, I wish I knew about this company prior to buying this unit a year ago. Never again will I ever buy a gulfstream. I tried working with the company when it was under warranty and they could have cared less and all the dealers as you described Iíve had the same issues to where no one wants to work on it.

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Yup, first thing I did to mine when bringing it home from the dealer was re securing all drain fittings, re sealing exterior lights etc and on the roof. Found sooo much that needed attention but was able to resolve all myself rather than leaving at the dealer for weeks. I atleast know they were fixed right, BY ME eventhough I. shouldnt have to of do the manufacture/dealers job
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