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Default Upgrades for a 2008 SN 6331

From what I have researched on here, the three most popular upgrades are:
1. Road King Shocks
2. Side view Cameras
3. Tuner (ECU programming)

What are some of the reputable tuners out there? We will be using this to haul a 24 foot racing trailer weighing in at 9,000 pounds.
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I used the TS Module & happy. There are not that many Tuners that fit /work with Int 365 engine. The TS module is not really a Tuner, boosts Fuel rail pressure.
RVS Camera system with Side Cameras work'll need a couple adaptors to retro fit from the Voyager to RVS... also it's easiest to just pick up a signal off you Blinkers. I tried to tap into the Harness at the Steering column & had issues. Road King....I tried to find the part # & RK customer help was not helpful either. I have a old front shock I kept to get measurements from...just need to get a axle weight so RK could valve the shock & build accordingly.
If you have the original EGR Cooler, check it out. The EGR is what caused all the issues on Ford 6.0 engine , International also put a Coolant Filter on their Engines that Ford never did. Have fun!
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Have taken good care of my needs since 2005, Before and After the sale.

Rv Cams (225) 261-9946
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Hello ST Racing

I have searched the internet from one end to the other for a VT365 programmer. The only one I found was manufactured by Hypermax however, when I tried to order one they were no longer available. I have a thread on here so if you do a search on Hypermax it should come up.

If it has not already been done I would encourage you to put a Bullet Proof Diesel air to oil cooler on your rig. This cooler replaces the stock water to oil cooler the VT365 and ford 6.0ís came with. I am a big believer that most of the issues with the VT365 and Ford 6.0 were caused by the stock cooler becoming plugged on the water side. Once this happens the EGR cooler will go bad and you can start having turbo, HPOP and injector issues.

In regards to the performance enhancers that are currently available (I have the MP8 on my 6400), I am not sure they do much at full load. I can turn my MP8 up and down and I can feel it pick up power when pulling off from a stoplight. However, when climbing a grade and your at full power I can turn the MP8 on and off and there is absolutely no change in performance. FYI I also have a water/methanol injection system on my 6400.

I pull a smaller enclosed trailer with up to four dirt bikes, fuel, gear, tooles and everything else for a weeks worth of riding. My 6400 does fine on the flat and small hills, but when I get to a large pass (I live in OR) I will be down to 35 or 40 mph. But I always get to the top, just not as fast as others.

PM me if you have any questions.

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Gemini John
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Thanks for the info. Looking into the oil cooler upgrades now. Will be pushing hard this year so keeping the motor happy is important. It's paid for, IE it's free now. Might as well take care of "The Carrot" Look at it the driveway every morning. The "Carrot of going racin" keeps me goin to work LOl HJ
2008 Supernova 6372 Towing 30 Ft Cargo Pro Trailer Heading for a racetrack somewhere
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